We would like to welcome you to First Baptist Church of Coal City. We are a fellowship of believers who hold to the truths of God’s word. We are Christ centered and Holy Spirit saturated. We believe all of God’s word to be true and applicable to our daily lives.

God: We believe the God of the New and Old Testament to be the only true God.

Jesus: Jesus is the Son of God. He came to earth as God in the flesh. He lived an a sinless life and died a sinners death for all of mankind. After His death, he was resurrected, bodily, to the right hand of the father. He is seated at his right hand as an advocate for all christians. He is coming back again to reign as king supreme.

Holy Spirit: We believe the Holy Spirit to be the third person of the trinity. He comes forth from the Father and of the Son. He is the seal of our salvation. Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would be His replacement when He leaves, guiding us in all truth. Acts teaches us that the Holy Spirit has come to live and take up residence in those who believe.

Salvation: Salvation is through faith and by grace alone. Men and women are called to believe that Jesus is who He says He was, did what He said He did, was resurrected after his death, and to profess that He is Lord of all. Without salvation we have no hope and the consequence of our sin will eternally be upon us. Christ has offered forgiveness of sin through His blood. We can become children of God.

Church: Church is not a building. The word church in the Bible comes from the Greek word ecclesia, which means a called out company or assembly. At First Baptist Church of Coal City, we are a family of imperfect people who know they need a Savior, work together to build relationships, help those in need, and glorify God by striving to be like Christ and share His love with others.