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Mandi Cornett is a Bible teacher, author, and director of Cleanse. Fill. Pour. A Women’s Ministry in Northwest Indiana.
Cleanse. Fill. Pour. is a women’s ministry designed to encourage, equip and strengthen women who are followers of Jesus Christ. Her heart’s desire is to see women mature in Christ, grow in discipleship and be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. The name, Cleanse. Fill. Pour. comes from the Truth that in Christ, we are cleansed – New Creatures – we are called to be continually cleansed, filled and poured out. We all pour out, but the question is – what are we pouring – and from what source do we pour?
Mandi has taught many Bible Studies and workshops. She has been the main speaker at events and retreats. Her specialty is expository teaching and she prefers the NASB version of the Bible. She believes that teaching the Word in context is vital and “connects the dots” of the history throughout the Old Testament and New quite frequently. Mandi promises that her teaching will always come back to Jesus and His finished work at the cross.
Her heart’s desire is to see women come to understand the life changing relationship Jesus Christ offers and to see them mature in Him. Mandi is the wife to John, a mother to three, and a Mimi to two.
Nancy Frantz is a special education teacher, pastor’s wife, and mother of ten children. In her book, “10,000 Miles with 10,000 Reasons”, she writes of the emotional ups and downs of parenting, and of her long road to multiple adoptions. She transparently shares a journey that traverses from the lows of jarring disappointment to the joys and challenges of completing her family.

Nancy has had the privilege of being a keynote speaker and advocate for adoption in area churches. She has spoken on several adoption panels and addressed how to navigate the difficult process of adoption. In addition, an online magazine, Christian Women, published an article she composed pertaining to adoption.  Nancy has had the opportunity to speak on the topic of adoption for radio series on WPEO in Peoria, Illinois and Peoria Chronicles. Nancy continues to pursue and is passionate about educating the public on the plight of orphans in America and also worldwide.

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